Playing parents for the weekend

Ha'atafu beach on a magical saturday
Ha’atafu beach on a magical saturday

19 Sanuali Tokonaki
Geneva and Sarah are two self-funded volunteer gap year students who have spent the last five months in Tonga. As they hadn’t seen much outside of Nuku’alofa we offered to be their tour guides for the weekend and take them in the west and east coast ‘tours’.
It was a glorious day so many hours were spent bobbing and snorkelling at Ha’atafu beach where the water was so crystal clear one could see fish a metre down even without goggles. We spent quite some time monitoring a vibrant purple starfish take a slow amble over the reef… I reckon even David Attenborough would have been impressed with our patience.
We arrived home very rosy and fell into bed lathered in moisturizer to calm the heat eaves emanating from our glowing bodies.

A nice Tongan style car at the Blow Holes. The exhaust was held together with rope.
A nice Tongan style car at the Blow Holes. The exhaust was held together with rope.
Piggy enjoys a walk heading to the beach

19 Sanuali Sapate
Our day was bookended with heavy rain showers but in between we manage to weave in a day of picnicing, touring and swimming at the beautiful Keleti beach to end a delightful day. Sarah and Heidi (a German teacher abiut to start a two year contract at Ocean of Light Ba’Hai school) joined us (poor Geneva had a tummy bug). It was Heidi’s first day in Tonga so she was getting a taste of Tongan life up close and personal in it many manifestations including tropical rains.

Heidi and Sarah preparing for a picnic on the run
Picnic spot… Before
…and after!
Ha’amonga (Stone Henge)
Fancy a spot of fishing? Said Mrs Pig to Mr Pig
A Keleti afternoon dip at low tide with Mana who showed us a lovely watering hole fed by a fresh spring. Even Kotoni went in.
Keleti beach in all is afternoon magnificence
Heidi, Sarah and Kotoni grabbing a cuppa out of the downpour… Just in time
Heidi’s first day in Tonga was a bit of a struggle…. Not!
Noodle enjoys a fresh coconut

2 thoughts on “Playing parents for the weekend

  1. Parents even. Wow! I notice that the ‘kids’ were beyond nappies.

  2. Your pics speak of summer days and tropical times. Great to see you have made some more friends and enriched even further the lives of the volunteers nearby. The rain certainly looks like a tropical down pour….. truly great pics. Any news on the passport situation ??? XX TT

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